In Production .

Journey to the Wilderness

A film about War, Memory, and a Southern Family’s Civil War Heritage



Adapted from the book by FRYE GAILLARD, a journalist and author of over 20 books about Southern history, politics, and culture with an emphasis on the struggle of African Americans for equality. He is a winner of the Lillian Smith Prize and the Clarence Cason Award.

The film, like the book, reflects on the war–and the way we remember it–through letters written by his family, including his great-great-grandfather and his two sons, both of whom were Confederate officers.  To the experiences of his family he offers a personal remembrance of the shadow of war and its place in the haunted identity of the South. “My own generation,”he writes”was perhaps the last that was raised on stories of gallantry and courage. Oddly, mine was also one of the first to view the Civil War through the lens of civil rights.”

Journey to the Wilderness

The film is funded in part by a grant from The Alabama Humanities Foundation, an affiliate of The National Endowment for the Humanities.



The 60-minute documentary is currently in production for distribution on public television. It is being produced with The Center for War and Memory at The University of South Alabama.

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