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“There are several things that can cause you to become homeless overnight,” says Donald Thompson, a Marine Corp Vietnam combat veteran, and a shelter client turned manager.  Maybe 25% of the people he sees choose to be homeless. The other 75% become so because of external circumstances.



Dana Cornett left her home because of domestic abuse. She now struggles to rebuild her life and to care for three children. Having the kids, she says has often been her motivation. “Because of the kids a lot of times, I didn’t give up,” she says.


Homefolks 19Ben Ferguson lost two jobs due to a work-related injury.  He and his wife Geraldine were evicted and had to leave their son in the care of her parents. He is training to work in building maintenance while living in temporary housing.


Homefolks 20Eugene Brown was a peanut farm worker who was forced out of work for three months by a major flood in Elba. He had to turn to non-profit assistance programs to provide diabetes medications and other services he needed to survive. According to Rev. John Belcher of an Enterprise faith based assistance program, more and more of their clients are families rather than single individuals.

Home Folks was produced by The University of Alabama Center for Public Television.

flynt-glenda-webbNarrated by Glenda Webb.