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From Toyko to Tuscaloosa. A Japanese CFO moves his family of four to Alabama when JVC opens a new plant there. The film follows the Itabachi family to work, school, and social events to see how the family copes, how the two cultures adjust to one another, and what they find in common.

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Headquarters called me and said, “Please move from Japan to the United States.” Very suddenly. I was very surprised.       – Kuniomi Itabachi


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I started my English lessons this year. It is my dream that I can improve my English, widen my friendships, and become a part of this community.                                                                                                          -Yukiko Itabachi


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I will send this film to my cousin or grandfather in Japan. I hope it’s good.                                                                              – Tomayuki Itabachi


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I’m glad that I came to America.   -Yusuke Itabachi




East by Southeast was produced for The University of Alabama Center for Public Television. Narrated by Michael Letcher.