Will Campbell

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He “has a great depth of spirit. Calm, wise, witty eloquent, courageous.”  – Jimmy Carter

WILL CAMPBELL is a Mississippi backwoods Baptist preacher with a Yale degree.

The only white founder of SCLC. A friend and confidant of Martin Luther King.

A Strategist and negotiator at every major Civil Rights Movement campaign.


“He understood very early that we were all in the same boat…that somehow w had to change together.”  – John Lewis

An intellectual who chews tobacco, wears cowboy boots, and has befriended black panthers and members of the Ku Klux Klan. 

The author of 15 books including Brother to a Dragonfly, the winner of the Lillian Smith Prize and a finalist for the National Book Award.                                              


“I care about what Will thinks about me, and there’s very few people I really give a damn what they think.”  – Waylon Jennings

Includes interviews with Jimmy Carter, John Lewis, Rev. James Lawson, Waylon Jennings, Jessi Coulter, Jules Fieffer, John Egerton, John Shelton Reed, Stokely Carmichael.




Funded in part by grants from the Southern Humanities Media Fund, and The Tennessee Humanities Council.

Produced for The University of Alabama Center for Public Television

NARRATED BY OSSIE DAVIS                                                     NATIONAL BROADCAST ON PBS