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They talk about mutual support, self determination and the satisfaction of a good smack well-delivered. Roller Derby has been reborn as a women’s amateur sport in 200 cities. The participants are well educated middle class professionals for whom the activity is an outlet for physical expression and a source of refuge and community. And so it is for this Birmingham team known as The Tragic City Rollers.


THE SCHNOT NOSE KID  The team’s star player is a 90-pound Birmingham police officer and mother of two who patrols a high crime neighborhood alone in the middle of the night



TEMPER TANTRUM is a rookie trying to make the squad. Roller derby has given her new confidence, but a mid-season rule change means she might never be able to play.


kgd-dixieDIXIE THRASH  The player-coach and team founder who has an English Literature degree. Hard driving, profane, and sometimes abusive. “She’s unbearably mean,” say team members, “but she glues us together,” and we “love her to death.”



Produced for The University of Alabama Center for Public Television