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Echoing the “Thousand Points of Light” speech by President George H.W. Bush Points of Light 01celebrating the efforts of non-governmental and faith based agencies to assist the poor, this film profiles two such Alabama agencies, one urban and one rural, to highlight their work and to gauge whether or not such efforts should be considered alternatives to publicly funded programs.

Points of Light 10The overriding statement from the very ambitious beginning of the Sand Mountain Parrish basically said that “we’re going to be present and available to meet whatever human need exists in the area.”

–Dorsey Walker, Upper Sand Mountain Parish

Last year we paid almost $50,000 worth of bills for people who happen to come in toPoints of Light 04 GBM. Help with food and clothing, gas, electric, water bills, medical prescriptions, and some cases rent or mortgage.

– Doug Mitchell, Greater Birmingham Ministries


Points of Light was produced for The University of Alabama Center for Public Television. Narrated by Michael Letcher.