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“We’re a nation of community. A brilliant diversity. Spread like stars, like a thousand points of light in a broad and peaceful sky.” Points of Light 01


A 1989 speech by George H.W. Bush lauded the contributions of privately funded community assistance programs in the United States.  This film highlights the work of two such agencies in Alabama.


The Methodist Upper Sand Mountain Parrish and its pastor, Rev. Dorsey Walker sponsor services to provide clothing, shelter and medical care for the rural communities in the area. They also supply produce to a similar agency in Birmingham.

The Greater Birmingham Ministries works with struggling clientele in the Magic City. Sarah Price, once a recipient of aid, now helps manage the program that provided it. Doug Mitchell, a Birmingham native is the organization’s director.  They operate on the assumption, he says, that the harm that comes to struggling people is less due to evil intent than to a political and economic system that does not place a priority on their needs.

POINTS OF LIGHT was produced for The University of Alabama Center for Public Television.  Narrated by Michael Letcher.