Brandt Ayers, Publisher  The Anniston Star

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TIME magazine called it “one of the best newspapers in America.” It has served as a kind of farm team for rising young journalists who go on to the big leagues at major U.S. dailies.

The Anniston Star and the Ayers family, its owners, have deep roots in this Alabama city founded by northern industrialists after the Civil War.

The colorful current publisher, Brandt Ayers has spent his career as a voice for what is often called “The New South.”




The Star’s reputation is “Just about top of the heap.”  – Hodding Carter, III President, Knight Journalism Foundation





“It gives people a chance to do whatever they are capable of doing.” –Geoff Calkins, Star reporter  Harvard Law/Columbia Journalism




“Its real name is the ‘Commie Star.’ That’s what it’s usually known as.” –local reader





Narrated by Cully Clark


NEW SOUTH STAR was produced for The University of Alabama Center for Public Television.